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The 2024 Origin Pelvic Health Study revealed that women who have given birth within the past 5 years report that they received no guidance on 1) healing their pelvic floor after childbirth (86%), 2) reducing their risk of tearing during childbirth (85%), 3) healing their abdominals after pregnancy and birth (83%), or 4) exercising safely before or after delivery (71%).

Carine Carmy, Co-Founder and CEO at Origin discusses the factors contributing to these gaps in pregnancy and postpartum health education and the innovative solutions that are quickly making pelvic health therapy more accessible than ever

Origin is one of the fastest growing pelvic health therapy companies in the U.S. offering virtual rehab in all 50 states. Join live or view the recording, May 16, 2024 at 1:30 PM ET:

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