How much money do hospitals make from cesarean sections? Why do women wait longer than anyone else to start rehab after major surgery like after a hysterectomy? Will men ever have to wait as long as women to use a public bathroom?

We’re as curious as you about these questions and more. Explore the world with us for the answers.

Ep. 3 Occupational Therapy in the hospital after c-section

Meeting Royce Porter, OTR/L was a game changer. Not only does he provide occupational therapy to women in the hospital after birth and hysterectomy, he addresses postpartum depression and mental health concerns related to an unexpected surgery as early as day one of recovery. As a practicing therapist in both the hospital and outpatient settings, he sees no reason for women to wait 6 or more weeks for rehabilitation services that are provided routinely to people after other common procedures like joint replacement. To find more U.S. hospitals like the one Royce Porter is trailblazing in that are providing OT and PT on the maternity unit and after hysterectomy, visit: https://pelvichealthnetwork.org/hospitals/

Ep. 2 I looked great after birth: heart failure on day 4

Meet Alexa Pasco. She gave birth to her 3rd child 4 months ago via an uncomplicated vaginal delivery. By day 2, she returned to a second story home. No one in the hospital evaluated her blood pressure while negotiating stairs, even though this was the activity she would perform several times a day. By day 4 after birth, she was readmitted to the hospital with significantly high blood pressure and a BNP level of 705. Heart failure and preeclampsia. While in the hospital a second time, a nurse got her up to go to the bathroom while she was on IV magnesium sulfate (a medication that lowers blood pressure). The last thing she remembers is falling onto the nurse in the bathroom. Later, she read in her chart that she was unconscious for 5 minutes. Those of us who work in the hospital know that this should have never happened. I realized after this interview that the neglect in this case can’t wait for Occupational and Physical Therapists to get involved on the maternity unit in hospital systems where over 98% of women give birth.

Ep. 1 Are White women safe in maternity hospitals?

A woman who had everything working in her favor experienced medical neglect on multiple occasions after her birth in a U.S. hospital system.  After going through her case, it's apparent that the U.S. healthcare system has started to prioritize the most vulnerable in our society who need the most attention. Which is a good thing! Yay! Yet, this means that lower risk individuals, specifically middle class White women, must be accountable for their own health and safety while navigating the U.S. healthcare system.  No biggie. You got this. Occupational and Physical Therapists saw this coming once the U.S. surpassed all other high income countries as having the worst maternal health outcomes in the world. Don't panic. Just find a trusted rehab professional near you.  We'll discuss the difference between Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy and what really matters when it comes to who you need on your team to take control of your health. Both of these professions prep you in different ways to build your support system before you walk into a U.S. hospital to give birth or have major pelvic surgery.  Let's do this.

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