Intro to PT & OT for the Acute Postpartum Patient

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Acute postpartum physical and occupational therapy is a rapidly expanding service that more and more hospitals all over the country are offering. Do you feel prepared to work with this population? How confident do you feel performing an evaluation or treatment session for a patient 24 hours post-vaginal delivery? What about a patient 36 hours post emergency c-section? What if they’ve had complications such as pre-eclampsia? 

If you’re an acute care PT or OT that wants to increase their knowledge and skills working with the postpartum population in the acute hospital setting, this course is for you! We will cover the basics of the physiology of pregnancy, childbirth, the immediate demands of newborn care, what to look for in a chart review, performing an acute evaluation, treatment considerations, common postpartum complications and creating an initial home program.

We will cover:

  • The basics of physiology of pregnancy and childbirth 
  • The immediate demands of newborn care
  • What to look for in a chart review
  • Performing an acute evaluation and treatment considerations
  • Common postpartum complication
  • Creating an initial home program

This livestream course is being offered at a special discount for a limited time. Take advantage of a unique learning opportunity, have all of your questions answered, and learn how you can improve care for patients in the hospital who are recovering after childbirth!

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